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AWS DevOps Architect

  • Location: Missouri, United States
  • Willing to Relocate: Yes
  • Job Title: Architect
  • Position Type: Contract
  • Salary: 140 USD (Hourly)
  • Availability: 2 Weeks
  • Languages Spoken: English
  • Reference Number: 0-885585-AC


  • Cloud Architecture (5 years exp)
  • AWS (8 years exp)
  • DevOps (8 years exp)

Company Experience

  • Consulting Company

Industry Experience

  • Business Consultancy


Candidate's current responsibilities: 

  • Team lead that guides his team through the DevOps culture, practices and components 
  • Meets with clients to discuss projects and guide them through AWS migrations 
  • Design and build automated deployments to simplify development, increase predictability, ensure quality through automated testing, and provide safe fallback
  • Be a mentor and train the DevOps Engineers on his team 


  • CloudFormation expert 
  • Over 8 years experience with Jenkins and GitLab
  • Works with Terraform everyday 
  • Experience with Ansible and Salt
  • Currently working with Kubernetes 
  • Python expert with extensive JavaScript experience 
  • Been working an Cloud Architect role for the past 5 years