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Houston DevOps Architect and Engineer

  • Location: Texas, United States
  • Willing to Relocate: Yes
  • Job Title: Data Engineer
  • Position Type: Contract
  • Salary: 125 USD (Hourly)
  • Availability: 2 Weeks
  • Languages Spoken: English
  • Reference Number: 948994


  • Azure (2 years exp)
  • Cloud Architecture (2 years exp)
  • AWS (5 years exp)
  • Cloud Engineering and Configuration (5 years exp)
  • DevOps (5 years exp)

Company Experience

  • AWS Partner
  • End User
  • Consulting Partner

Industry Experience

  • Hospitality
  • Information, IT and Telecommunication
  • Manufacturing


This candidate began their career in IT as a System Administer before transitioning to DevOps Engineer roles and most recently, DevOps Architect. In their current role, their primary purpose has been to build the CI/CD pipeline through Jenkins, automation with Chef, and the AWS architecture. 

They also lead and mentor fellow team members in their projects while being an individual contributor. With their experience as both an Engineer and Architect, they are able to wear multiple hats in any projects they take on and will be a great asset to any DevOps team.